Palpable Pudding

So many different voices.

You can hear their life in the chatter.

A crowded room full of people.

Food and drink is the serious matter.

Refueling for a day.

The coffee poured in porcelain mug.

Scraping of a plate.

Women gabbing over what they love.

A cough followed by more hacking.

The air is full of breath.

We eat and breathe together.

Enjoying progressive death.

‘How many mouths has this fork been in?

Was the rag used to wipe the table soured?

Should I have checked my platter for hair

before it was devoured?’

Public dining at its finest.

The food and drink pleases us.

I’ll risk the germs included.

I’ll eat and will not fuss.

2 thoughts on “Palpable Pudding

  1. This had me laughing cause it’s so true. If you think too hard on some of the observations you mentioned, you might not be able to finish your meal. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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