Prophet Watch…?

I continuously read a lot of posts about the God of Christianity, and it continues to cause me to be uncomfortable, at times.

So many times I ask myself the question: “How do they know?”

I understand we can draw our conclusions from what we read in the Bible, and that some have the revelation of Holy Spirit in their interpretation (SOME), but seriously…

Why do people insist on telling people the hows, whats, whens, wheres and whys of the mysterious God no one has ever had a complete and full understanding of? Why do they insist that they are ordained, or called, or prophets, telling the world the truth?

I sometimes wonder if it is simply for recognition or for some sort of gain.

Here’s my problem with this. Every time I read something from the self-proclaiming teacher, I always recognize the same pattern. That pattern is the uncertainty of themselves. If one is not certain, then I would conclude that they are the blind leading the blind! One day, they are certain that we should live under Mosaic Law, and the next day, Jesus fulfilled that Law!? One day, someone had a revelation from God. The next, it was a “misinterpretation” after the “prophesy” never came to pass. It’s endless–tongues never translated. The man or woman flopping around on the floor and calling it, “the moving of Holy Spirit”. The dates and times of Jesus coming back. The people claiming that others are either saved or not, based on their personal observation. I could go on.

As I walk along the road with the Christ I personally know, the one thing that I try to do is just, “be”. Be the hands and feet of Him–not claiming to be Him. Be the way He is speaking to my heart–not telling everyone how their heart should be. Just being, really.

Being genuine.

People do what they do, and that is their business. Yet, I do want the reader of my words to know one thing: Your self-righteousness, while using God as your crutch, pushes people away. Most times, the non-believers do not want to be Christians because of the ways I have mentioned. They don’t want to be uncertain of themselves. They would rather not be blind, leading the blind into a place of so many uncertainties.

Only God knows the heart, and only God can lead a believer into real truth, and that “truth” is Jesus alone. “Verily”, He said so.


2 thoughts on “Prophet Watch…?

  1. I understand what you are saying Damon and I see a lot of what you see. You and I had a wee bit of an exchange and I learned from that. I’m doing a bit of a commentary of the Gospel of John right now. I don’t claim to be any kind of a scholar and for sure, anything that I “see” is subject to correction. But I personally find that it helps me stay in God’s Word and stay closer to Jesus. So I do it for myself and I open it to others to look at if they want to or ignore it. I learn from others, just like I learned from you. I look at it as “fine tuning”. Somewhere along the line we come to the realization that none of us know it all, key word being “us”. There is, undoubtedly, an awful lot of misinformation available and it does take time and experience to be able to learn how to filter. I’m still learning, I will continue to be learning until the day I leave this body. I think we’re all in the same boat and I whole hearted agree with you about only knowing in part. I told you before that I am indebted to you because you helped me see some of what I did not see and that doesn’t come easy. I really needed to take that to heart and you were instrumental in helping me see that. Learning from others can be a good thing. You’re my Christian brother and you’re trying to walk with Jesus. You’re a lot more sincere that some I have known and I value that. The fact that you and I can accept one another without animosity is a plus and I am grateful. You know I wish you well and I appreciate your honesty. I think we’re all going through “fine tuning” and I’m learning to leave the end results to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours Damon.

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  2. Commentary of God and the Bible is very risky.
    We: spiritual, having the human experience, are so determined in the fallen, prideful flesh in which we reside, to affirm the truth of everything under the sun. Most of us see it only “our way”, and those who agree with our way, gladly follow us. I see it in Christianity. Nearly every single Christian has an insatiable need to be right–in teaching, in translating, in the voice heard from Him, etc. Sure, we want to share. But, it really comes down to what our personal Lord (in us) says to us. That’s why I cannot stand for religion, but gladly embrace a rocky, sometimes dysfunctional relationship with the Lord Who knows me completely. People are so unstable, and they usually lead others (Christians) into their self-excavated pits of instabilities. I trust God will lead us right where we need to be, at the exact time He desires. Blessings, Bruce.

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