That’s Just You

Perhaps I’m a self-centered prick?

Saying and doing the things that make others sick.

Perhaps I’m a little bit fed up?

Willing to stay within the rut.

Maybe I’m a little unkind?

Repulsed by the attitudes that I find.

Am I a terrible man?

It seems that only a few are a fan.



Perhaps I’m a kindhearted guy?

I just have trouble getting by.

Perhaps I’m worn out from trying?

People have always been the reason I’ve been dying.

Maybe I am very kind?

The torment of the past does weigh upon my mind.

Am I a worthy man?

I am part of God’s plan.


It’s hard to be someone and something different from the way you’ve always been. But, change is possible. It’s a matter of digging deep inside of yourself, listening to His voice within you, and doing something about it.



6 thoughts on “That’s Just You

  1. It’s His voice inside us that sustains us. The voice that bears witness to our conscious and not the one inside (or outside) our head that condemn us.
    Keep going for Jesus, keep signing your song.
    Much Peace and Love

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