All The World’s A Stage

I have this human experience, yet, I am of spirit.

It is interesting to think about: the unlimited ways in which we are fully human. Can one describe the complexities of the human experience without becoming exhausted? It would take years to do so.

It is evident that people spend most of their time in the human form trying to figure and make sense of the human experience. Their own, and that of others. We study with limited knowledge, based upon our own intellect and that which has been gathered by others. We try to grasp a constant mystery: our being.

Is the spirit form any different? If we choose to believe that we have that mysterious form (ultimately, an uncertain hope), we push to understand its complexities, just like we do with the human experience. We have “faith” in the unknown.

Really, that faith is all we can have. The spiritual realm is always a question without an absolute answer.

I, unfortunately, have witnessed a lot of death in my lifetime. Thankfully, it has been through way of somewhat peaceful means, opposed to a nasty way to go. Each time, it is an odd feeling — they are no longer there. The shell is just empty, and lifeless. I often wonder if the experience they had here, in this form and space that we hardly understand, is going on somewhere else. Is it going on in heaven? In hell? Does it just cease upon death?

Really, no one knows.

I have faith in the Christian way; in Christ. I have not found any other way that seems to “make sense” as I go about my daily life in this beautiful world. I see, and have seen the frightening forces of some kind of darkness — call it evil; the devil — many times over along the path I’ve journeyed. I’ve felt the presence of things that have scared the hell out of me. So, I tend to think that there is a light and opposing force. It’s a mystery that I cannot make head or tail of, so I choose the only answer I can find plausible: Jesus.

It works for me.

Yes, you can reject Jesus. You can figure, with all that you can gather and obtain, and try to prove or disprove Christianity, and still not know with 100% certainty. Or, you can have faith. You can just have faith in the God of all things, and live a life of love. His love. Love is a great thing in this decaying world. At least, for me it is, once I understood its definition through the Bible.

That’s what I’m striving for in the human experience.

The ways of the world seem to always have their dichotomies. Their opposing components. Their mysterious characteristics. Their joys and virtues. Their frights and terrifying traits. I just choose to have faith in a way and a final place where none of it (this life) is really relevant. A place where it was all washed away by it being nailed to a cross. Until then, I try to love.

4 thoughts on “All The World’s A Stage

  1. Like.
    Some say ignorance is bliss, in some cases, I say ignorance is a blessing. Most people think one would have to be ignorant to have blind faith. Any kind of ignorance that results in knowing Jesus Christ, well, sign me up.
    Have a great weekend Damon.

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