A Little Insight…

There has been a running focal point of frustration within the writings that I choose to post, and I thought I would take the opportunity to explain why this morning.

I’ve been upset with the “church” experience, many times over. Yes, one can tell me the usual, “No one is perfect.”, or the standard, “You must go to church. God commands it!” Although I agree that we are all very flawed and, in my belief, we do need Christ to not only guide us into all truth but for divine reconciliation, I do not agree that a gathering of believers has to be, and, in fact, should necessarily be in the institutionalized format of what we has been labeled as, “church”.

I have spent a relentless amount of hours studying the true reasons why religion has distorted the Church that Jesus proclaimed and initiated way back when. Beginning with Rome and the siege of Christianity (taking what was not understood and making it their own), the onset of the Roman Catholic church, the, “perversion of the original, once again”, through means of The Reformation, all the way down to the present-day, completely misguided view that men have of the true Church. Broken into thousands of divisions called, “denominations”, it’s no wonder people don’t want to have anything to do with Christianity–the Christians can’t even agree!

I get sick even thinking that so many are not aware.

Church, I suggest you begin to dig for the truth of just whom and what Jesus was talking about when He commanded we look like Him; that we love as he did–as He does.

I had to walk away from the institutionalized church to see it. I had to put down the religious practices and worldly comprehension of this thing we so graciously offer up as, “church”. I had to look past the notion and common misconception of The Church being a place and a time set aside on the clock. I had to follow His voice. I had to stop listening to the ignorance of the false teachers and leaders. I had to give it all to God in order to, “get it”.

It is hard to undo what I have personally learned about His truth, pertaining to His Church. Actually, it’s impossible to. Through the posts that I write (sometimes not what people are ready to hear or want to hear), I hope that someone will take it upon themselves to look for what has been revealed to me.

That’s all that my real intention is.

Yes, I’m a headstrong and a sometimes, short-tempered man, but the revelation I’ve embraced about His true Church is slowly breaking away the ugly parts of my identity. I no longer listen to the many voices of men when it comes to the Lord, I listen (for the most part) to the Lord of my ever-changing heart.

Do you let men decide what you see in the Lord? That’s what has been going on ever since Jesus walked the earth. We miss out on so much when we don’t listen to His voice within us, and spend all of our time listening to the misguided voices of others.


8 thoughts on “A Little Insight…

  1. This is something that is often on my mind, Damon. I’m glad you brought it up and I genuinely hope that someone can come up with an answer I can relate to.
    As someone who feels much compassion for people (and animals), I have always seemed to be an outsider. I have mostly felt uncomfortable in organised churches. I have often had to take breaks from them to feel close to God again. Yet, I feel that Jesus intended us to be part of a community, to share in his love and encourage each other. But it’s never worked well for me and I’ve always felt more fulfilled in my private worship. Maybe I’m just too introverted and damaged… or possibly lacking in trust to open myself up to communing with others. I don’t have any answers.

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  2. Lesley, God loves the introverted!
    I’m one, too😉
    There is no specific time, place, number of people or certain format we have to “do”, we just have to, “be”.
    That is all. We just have to have His heart and listen to His voice of love in all of our ways.
    That’s what I have gathered.
    I cannot “do” enough to please the Lord, and that is why BY FAITH IN CHRIST, I’ve done it all. I am part of Him and His Church. He made the way.
    Blessings to you and yours!

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  3. Thank you, Damon. I get what you’re saying. I can still express God’s (and my) love to others from within the person I am. I do know he loves me.
    I’m glad I will never be too old to learn. 😁
    Blessings to you and yours also, Damon. 🙌

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  4. I think each of us finds God where we can. We each must take time to listen to the still, small voice. However, for me, the faith and experiences of grace of others can strengthen me. I do find love in my church community. I agree that one cannot take an opinion about God. We have to read the Bible and absorb the wisdom. We have to be tuned to God when we listen to others. Some do speak truth.

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