The Feed

Fear is waiting in the shadows,

and it patiently watches you.

It takes its seat a few chairs down.

You go on without a clue.

Closely, it observes your routine.

It studies your schedule.

It has an endless time to plan ahead,

never losing its cool.

It uses tools that you feed upon,

like the devices you willingly watch.

It uses the writings upon your walls.

Its methods are top notch.

You’ll never see its face.

You’ll only feel its fury.

While you anxiously run around in panic,

its not in a hurry.

Slowly, it picks away

at what keeps you in tact.

Killing you, softly, with its power.

Laughing at how you act.

It will soon destroy your strength.

It will find its way to dismantle.

Good ol’ fear has no mercy on anyone.

Will it be more than you can handle?


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