Please, add some depression to our depression!

By all means, make the voice of the media your new obsession!

Open your mouth as quickly as they!

Turn off your own thoughts and listen to what they say!

Think on their fearmongering words while running for cover!

Suffer even more as the anxieties hover!

Tell myself and others so we, too, are distraught!

Destroy the peace that we work for with your poisonous thought!

Delivering the drama to some other place!

Ignoring the vulnerable as you scurry in haste!

Buy up all food–none left for your friend!

Telling the world that it’s clearly the end?!

Get under your rock, you’ll be safe down there!

Stay sheltered until these geniuses have new thoughts to declare!

Go talk to someone else about COVID-19!

Your overreaction isn’t helping a thing!

We have a life to enjoy–precautions to take.

Faith is our strength…where’s yours, for God’s sake!?





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