Behind those Foster Grants Of Life

It is interesting to see how the emotions play such a huge part in our experiences.

I turned on my computer this morning to see a small monkey gripping firmly to a tree branch as the Windows program was booting up. Random pictures appear in this process, and they are usually accompanied by a few words to draw interest that pertains to the image. Anyway, the monkey’s bright brown eyes were a reflection of its little soul: Playful. Happy. Determined. Of course, I can only speculate–monkeys aren’t human, and they cannot describe their emotions. Looking into its eyes had me thinking about how the emotions play such a role in our human experience.

I see a lot of eyes. Staring into someones’ eyes for prolonged periods is something that I recently had to work on. Breaking eye contact, opposed to staring like a weirdo for too long, is something that I have recently been practicing. I suppose it was a habit to look into the windows of the soul (the eyes) as I was growing towards an unbeknown experience with something higher than ourselves. What began many years ago–the emotional rollercoaster I was personally experiencing, filled with loss, death and learning of how emotions contorted me–continues to draw me into the curiosity of how the emotions constitute the overall of others. I sometimes look for it in the eyes. But, just like the little primate on my screen this morning, the eyes can sometimes hide, or even deceive others.

When I look into the eyes of some, I wonder what their story is. I wonder how their emotions have sculpted them into the person that they are, and just what their eyes have seen. Usually, the more I get to know someone, the more the emotions appear within their eyes. Funny thing, these emotions. They sure do play their part in the human experience. They make us, break us, lead us into beliefs that may or may not be true, devastate, cause us to feel overwhelming joy, have an effect upon our physical and spiritual, and they are sometimes not managed. They can go in so many directions. We spend so much time within them.

I wonder just what is behind the eyes that I will meet today?


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