He wanted to be a Christian.

They told him to repent.

They said he must join a church.

They demanded he celebrate Lent.

The led him to believe

that he was a slave to sin.

They made him feel unworthy

when he stood in front of them.

“You need to change, my brother.”

He heard it three times a week.

On Wednesday, and twice on Sunday.

They never let him speak.

They gave him their version of The Word of God,

and the book of their sect’s founding man.

They said that, “God had chosen Him.”

“It was the Lord’s divine plan.”

He was always with his church.

He never took a break.

He sold his soul to the clergymen,

who’d govern every decision he’d make.


One day, he listened to a voice–

a voice, so loud and clear.

A voice inside of him

that only he could hear.

It spoke a message, so softly,

“…do no follow them…”

He realized he was following

the religious lies of men.

He opened up his heart

to the freedom God had sent.

He opened up His eyes

to the reason to repent.

He saw Jesus for the first time–

all His love that would never leave.

He saw the church for what it was–

a place that did deceive.

He left the divisions among them

and put His faith in God.

He never returned to the house of lies,

and their evil, menacing facade.


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