To The Followers

The first thoughts (as the coffee welcomes me) are the focus of my morning writings.

It is the way that each day begins which encourages me to peck away at these keys. If I’m exhausted from the previous day of labors, I usually spell it out through the frustrated choice of word. If I’m cool, you get cool. If I’m amazed by His craft, you get the glory to God. So on, and so forth.

I often wonder how these words that I share are interpreted by the person who reads them?

I enjoy simplicity. I’ve never been one who cared for the usage of words that some would have trouble defining. I sometimes misspell words, and the punctuation may be incorrect. The message is what I strive for. It irks me to begin reading posts that are so full of, “flawless grammar”, and words that most would have to look up. It causes me to move on, quickly. With all of this being said, I spend my time putting my writings into simple form, with a message that nearly any reader can understand. That’s the intention, anyway.

Unfortunately, the message is often misunderstood.

No matter what I choose to write about, I have a reason at the time. If my readers want to know, I encourage them to ask. Most times–just like a Facebook junkie–there are only “likes” that appear. This new form of communication has taken the world by storm. Just give them a thumb in the up position. Good enough…?

I’m taking this time to encourage readers to give me some feedback. If you like it, tell me why. If you hate it, say it.


I’d like to know how the writings affect my followers. I’d like to hear how you can relate. How you see my words. Everyone writes for a reason, but how do you see others’ writings?

Be blessed.



13 thoughts on “To The Followers

  1. Hi Damon, I enjoy and appreciate the positive insights you bring to the surface and your sincerity of heart. I have a tendency to shy away from instances where you’re voicing a broad stroke of being critical, as in the church. I understand it, I just don’t want to make it my primary focus. That’s me, not you. You help me to remember to not assume and I value your honesty. Hope this feedback helps. Blessings brother.

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  2. This feedback does help, Bruce, and it’s fair.
    Yes, I am critical when it comes to the church– I see it in your writings as well 😉.
    Thanks for taking the time to observe. Never hesitate to ask for my reasoning.
    Be blessed.

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  3. Damon, I have often read your blog and said to myself, wow are we ever different. In upbringing (life on the farm with 6 great adventurous siblings and a loving dad and mom), In church experience (country church building, part time pastor/servant type family, stressed knowing and walking with God 7 days a week on our own, encouraging and loving one another). The Sunday meeting was and has never been more sacred than my morning alone time with God. I had mostly good friends in school and several teacher and coaches as models .
    Lots of bad physical things happened to me (very accident prone, life threatening and my kids have that gene), verses the bad things that happened to you relation-ally as well as life choices.
    You communicate well and honestly. I sometimes relate well and sometimes I just can’t relate (usually the dark stuff, I don’t know what to do with it) We both love God from two separate ends of life and that is really intriguing to me. I often wonder how we would get along in the same canoe in the wilderness?..around the camp fire?
    Sometimes I just pray for you after a read. I have watched you struggle and grow as well as cheer on others, mostly the under dogs.I sure like that!..Not sure I said anything helpful but there it is. You are a truly and above all a brother in Christ.

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  4. Yes, we are completely different, but we share in the freedom only found in Christ! Praise God for this!
    It goes to show that our works (yours as you have stated, mine as I have written) have nothing to do with whom God has, “so loved”. We are uniquely His, and we fail, struggle, make bad and victorious decisions, keep pressing on and look to Him for strength and direction. As for the canoe, I think we would have a lot of fun fishing, as well as some good conversation. I’m pretty flexible in live time. Campfires are also something I’ve always loved. Roasting dogs and making s’mores with the kids.
    Thanks for joining me as I shed some light in my darkness, with Him beside me, through my words. And, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings!


  5. I admire your honesty and your willingness to be vulnerable that some may identify with your struggles because your struggles are all of our struggles. Though we may have different types of struggles, we all struggle at some point. You keep it real Brother, and for that I’m attracted to what you have to say. It’s your life as is the song you sing.
    May The Lord Jesus continue to bless and prosper in all your endeavours. May His fire burn deeply within you that you may be a beacon of His goodness.

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  6. I appreciate your feedback, Stephen.
    The “fire” is sometimes roaring, and, at other times, barely an ember. I struggle with faith at times–not afraid to say it. It just goes along with who I am, where I’ve been and what/where He wants me to be.
    Thanks for your continued support. Have a good evening, bro.


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