There are times, like right now,

when I begin to wonder how

God could love me.

The are ways in me

that, if I can, He can see,

that are sinful.

Brothers will say,

“You MUST change your way”,

yet, I’m selfish.

I sometimes believe

that a devil can deceive,

while a God has saved.

Other times, I am lost…

If He died on the cross,

than am I really clean?

Not a day passes by

where I boldly deny

that His creations are just.

As for me, in the now,

I am doubtful, somehow,

that I’m worthy of His Kingdom.

Say what you will.

It doesn’t change how I feel.

I see contradictions in the book.

For now, I’ll trust the Son

and the victory He won,

in my failed attempt.

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