The Voice He Hears (Part 9)

“Well, Mike, I have been trying to get ahold of you for a while now.” He assumed that it must have been Mr. McBride weeks earlier knocking at his door. “Get ahold of me?” Mike was still in a state of intense bewilderment. The series of events involving this old man–a person who’d shown up in a dream before showing up in his reality, sitting in Mike’s house and talking about things he deeply despised–had Mike beside himself. “Okay, Douglas, who are you, really?” He wasn’t listening as Mr. McBride was beginning to explain himself, and he interrupted his dialogue with the question. “As I was saying, I was walking my sweet Mickey down Old Ruston Road when I saw the smoke coming from the ravine.”

Mike’s thoughts began to wander. He was half drunk and already fed up with Mr. McBride’s sudden invasion. The old, vivid vision of his dad’s lifeless body under the sheet. The woman who was there, crying her eyes out, that had been with him. His mother–emotionally distraught. Devastated. Both angry and heartbroken when realizing that his mistress had been sitting beside him. He, standing in disbelief of his dad being dead, as well as unfaithful. All of the emotions, unearthed, by a frail old man. The horrors from two decades earlier were now being dealt with, and it made Mike lose his composure.

“Mr. McBride, just go. I can’t handle this right now.” “Mike, it’s time to handle it,” Mr. McBride replied. Mike lost his focus on the past and went straight to the words he had just heard. “Excuse me? Who do you think you are, old man?” Mike was gripping the arm of the side chair while envisioning his hand being wrapped around the old man’s neck. “Mike,” Mr. McBride exclaimed, “listen to me.”

The eyes–those same eyes. The eyes from the dream that were staring into Mike. The same light that had radiated from behind the door. The man who asked, “Why are YOU here?” It was now present.

The whole room began to appear as that of what a kaleidoscope produces outside of Mr. McBride and the radiant light that was now surrounding him. The old man’s face was becoming that of a different man–one Mike knew. One of a younger man. One of a much earlier time.


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