The Voice He Hears (Part 16)

The angel began to speak into Mike. He could hear the being, without words. Without a necessity to understand. It was showing Mike the small frames of his father’s life.

The past; a young boy in an environment of desecration. The vision of his father being beaten and molested by a woman he called his mom. While her husband was away fighting a war, he fought his own. She forced her son to pleasure her. The disturbing recollection soon turned to that of heartache. He watched as his father pushed his mother off of the cliff, deemed an accident.

Mike was understanding that his dad had been guilty of murder. He also realized that he was a victim of a way that no child should ever experience. All opportunity of a childhood has been stripped away by the greed of the woman he relied upon as his mother. By the hand of his young father, she was put to rest—both eternally, and within his father’s heartache.

He saw his father in many ways: The welcoming into a religious society. Raised in foster care. Not sure of his sexuality. He struggled to accept that women were anything but what his mother was. He was conditioned to forgive, and that was the mindset—the excuse—he would have for himself as he would carry out the homosexual acts. It was all revealed to Mike as the angel embraced his baby father. He was witnessing all that he’d developed into, long after his birth and age of innocence.

Mike found himself across from the man at the fire. He spoke in the same manner. “Michael, I am why your father is here.” He scanned the clearing, but did not see his father. “Here? Where?” “He is where you shall be, if you will have me.” Mike knew that the man was the Son of Man—the one Mr. McBride had spoken of. He didn’t know how he knew, but it was sure. As he scanned the clearing again, trying to grasp the riddles the man was conveying, he turned back to the stump to find that it was empty. The fire was out. He saw that the white light was again returning.

He was traveling in the backseat of his father’s car. With a smile, his dad turned to the woman who sat in the passenger seat. He was speaking to her about the understanding she had shown him of Jesus, and how much he thought he knew while a Jehovah Witness. They approached the curve as the deer jumped in front of the car. His father lost control, and they ended up in the ravine where his father had died. He was then outside of the car where he watched Mr. McBride and the woman—she was crying as Douglas was checking his father’s pulse. Mike could see Mr. McBride shaking his head as the woman fell to her knees.

Mike awoke, and he began to sob.

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