Wasteful Thinking

What does it do for you,

to think on such things–

the squander and morose.

All the haste that it brings.

Nothing is achieved,

except the misery you teach.

Mundane and jaded.

My, the woes you do preach.

Does it pay in the end

to lose all you’ve gained?

That beautiful laughter?

The grip you maintained?

A challenge has come,

and you fold, with a flush.

Not trusting of anyone.

High walls are a must.

Burned by the beloved,

you now walk alone.

Hateful and short,

with patronizing tone.

You don’t recognize disdain,

but others do see.

Staying stuck in your ways

hinders what you could be.

Disrespectful and self-centered.

Only you are the wise.

You have no couth; no approach.

Only your way applies.

What happened to you

along your way?

How do you sleep

at the end of each day?

What stole your identity

and replaced it with hate?

Bystanders identify

the disease you create.

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