Not Secure

Within the flesh

the inadequacies lie

Fading and falling

before we die

Clinging to wisdom

we see ourselves stable

In blinding of night

we see we’re not able

When taking what we are

and expecting much more

We fade like we had

in all times before

We hit our graves early

as we rob in our greed

never ceasing to know

just what we need

4 thoughts on “Not Secure

  1. Hi Damon, with your permission, I’d like to propose a change for the last verse: “We die to ourselves, As we see our own dust, Finally realizing the gift, It is in Him that we trust.”Just disregard if you wish, I honestly don’t mind. Blessings!


  2. Sorry Damon, I honestly did not want to upset you at all. I hope you believe that. Just hoped to see a little light instead of darkness. My apology. Just trash it, honestly. Blessings.


  3. Sorry? No need.
    I find that you are repeatedly critical, so I’m not surprised by your inquisition. I’ll keep the writing the same. How a writer writes is up to them, and how a reader will interpret is also up to them, especially poetry. Blessings, Bruce.


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