Rise Above

It’s been a relief as I have recently been able to let a toxic person go.

Today marks the triumphant first day of letting someone go–a someone whom became an obvious fake over the course of a few months. A man I’ve been conversing with here at the Press had (and I say had with a sigh of relief) been watching my blog from a distance, waiting for opportune times to step in and break my spirit with his “godly” ways…

Ah, the man of God–in all his narcissistic, self-absorbed glory.

The one that has years of “Holy Spirit’s guidance”, coercing him (in love) to talk down to the Christians of the world.

The loving ways in which he made sure the reader felt like crap before he would end his posts with, “Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!”

I can’t say that I like the guy. He’s a bully, a man who struggles with his own insecurities, has deep-seated resentment towards his birth parents that he has never dealt with, and he finds faults in others to make himself feel better. It hurts to see him tear others down with the Bible (like many in/from similar positions). His own shortcomings have affected him so deeply that he now spends his whole life correcting everyone for their faults.

But, honestly, that’s all he knows. Nothing can change him.

Sometimes, toxic people can have an outward appearance, and be a real mess inside. I just wish I could get him to understand the things he is oblivious to.

At least we can let go of the people here at WordPress that truly think they do no harm to others.

We just have to keep a watchful eye on ourselves, and find a reliable vantage point with a good view of oncoming threats to our peace.

3 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. I’m always leery of people who reduce stuf to ABC’s, 123’s or anagram’s in their cloaked intentions.
    The only reason they extend “grace”( or so they think) is only a decoy to try and get you to think like them.
    They don’t really care, they just want to get you to think like them so that you can get “saved”. Cause they got it right and everyone else has it wrong.
    The truth is, they think they’re better than all those who don’t hold the same belief system. Some are better at hiding it than others.
    This is why it’s important to stand on the reality, the rock of Who Jesus Christ IS.
    The Kingdom of Heaven is not some distant place or time, it’s right here, right now for those who have Jesus seated on the throne of their heart. The Kingdom is within, Jesus said so and it makes perfect sense that if He’s within, there His Kingdom IS.

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  2. I understand that! I’m finished with the religious stuff for a while. No matter what I say or believe, someone has a different view they have to express. Take care, Stephen.


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