A man sat on the floor with his head in his hands

trying to avoid the one who wouldn’t be still

His paranoia was getting the best of him

as the other danced before receiving his pill

The mental ward was next to silent that morning

but the voices in his head were screaming

He just wanted those people to leave him alone

Auditory hallucinations the doctors were seeing

But the man could see a snarling threat

Standing before him in the room

One voice said the doctors were serial killers

and they would hurt him very soon

He stood to defend himself from oncoming threat

as orderlies snatched him up

They threw him in an empty room

and the heavy door was shut

He’s nothing more than a forgotten man

with a fault that’s not his own

A neurological malady has taken him

to a world where fear is sown

The religious shunned him and the mother claimed demon possession

so they put him in the hole

She shamefully said he was hell bound

and hell is all he’ll know

The loving people of the Holy Church

gave up on the man in pain

His reality of fear that rules his world

was seen as sin he wouldn’t contain

He died alone in the silent room

from a failing heart while scared

He was welcomed home in an unworldly place

to the only One that cared

2 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, Damon. The most expendable emotions are the negative ones like guilt and shame and fear and even disgust. Take heart and maybe check out Spinoza’s Ethics. “Things are not more or less perfect according as they delight or offend human senses…” If it’s not your fault, then no sense in assisting others to hurt you. Just my two cents.

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  2. Hey Rob,
    This was a writing inspired by a documentary I watched today. It’s not personal, but yes. People—themselves, and others—do tend to commence in the beatings! Take care man.


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