We Think We Know

It has been a rollercoaster ride here at WordPress, to say the least. The extremes have gone beyond what I had ever envisioned when first beginning the blog. Extremes, meaning the varying voices of the entire world–in how people choose to use their voice.

I began the personal walk with the Lord less than ten years ago (possibly longer, but that is my considered timeline), and began a blog within the last two of those years. I carried with it the sole intention of sharing my experiences with the public. Readers were always free to choose what they would take from my very small voice in such a vast crowd, and the same went for me. There is such an unlimited number of writings here and millions of topics to choose from. With it, millions of voices to say what they will about those topics. Also with it all, the varying personalities behind the voices. Since conversing has become such an impersonal part of life via social media and text, it seems as though most spend much more time typing their communication. If one is not thorough–and even the most thorough writing is not enough, as it lacks expression through face-to-face, human contact–then the collections of words can easily be misunderstood. Misinterpretations become the root of frustrations from lack of absolutely knowing true intent. We cannot have the same timely and understood conversation as we would while placing ourselves in front of someone.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m really starting to dislike it here at WordPress.

I’m not a religious person. I have my own faith, and it works for me. Anything beyond that will probably not be expressed anymore within my writings. Too many opinionated people are reading about a topic that cannot be explained with 100% certainty, and it leads to a bunch (a bunch) of people arguing the facts.

Facts? How can we know the facts about God, other than having faith that it’s true?

I digress, for the simple fact of someone inevitably picking the latter question apart! By all means, go argue with yourself.

In all sincerity, I am beginning to really hate religion even more so than I had just a few weeks ago. It’s so unbalanced, and the imbalance stems directly from fact finders finding facts in things that aren’t necessarily factual. As I had said in a previous post, ” A mystery that created a mystery (meaning the whole God theory) cannot be explained.” It just cannot be! I really don’t know why so many try to be Jesus with their absolute facts.

I would rename this site, “Done With Religion”, but the title is already being used. I’m seriously burned on the comments I receive from the self-proclaimed theologians when writing about the Lord. I enjoy writing, being creative and having this platform to utilize my individuality, but the God topic is finished. I have my faith, just as everyone has faith in something, and I will share with faces instead of the fact checkers of cyber world. Sometimes I wonder if these great, Godly people ever realize how they look to others when all the world has to view is the words they choose to type? They seem to think they know all the facts about God, and they believe they know so much about me.

Honestly, the whole experience here at WordPress has taught me to be less like them.




5 thoughts on “We Think We Know

  1. Rather stay sane and pen a piece on what happened before the “big bang”, why it happened and where exactly everything “came from”. Stay safe and don’t worry about the weirdo’s 😎

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  2. I am sorry you are getting that kind of feedback. Each of us has our own path and our own beliefs. We cannot judge others for theirs. We don’t have to agree but we do have to be kind.

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  3. I expect this kind of feedback, but it’s certainly not welcomed. So many, including myself (but I’m working on it) are incredibly critical when it comes to others’ beliefs. I agree–we do have to be kind. Enjoy your day!

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