When We Are There

Looking at all that had been, he stared into the shadows of years gone awry.

Like the meeting of silhouette on sunlit grass, his life swayed with unpredictable certainty.

His lingering sorrows of a love lost,

blown somewhere into the abyss of airy blue,

above the shades of regret he knew.

The cool of downing light–a temporary peace.

The man was only human–

as fragile as the life once shared

with her.

Stout, like the mighty timber that shaded a vulnerable heart.

Looking down, he saw the feet of the young man he once had been,

before his youth had faded into that same abyss.

Before the kiss from the lips.

After the makings of his falter.

He could only compromise with the winds of change

as they had their way.




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