Christian Love?

Why do most church going people tend to stick their noses in the air?

It’s a serious question. I cannot seem to wrap my head around this pattern that is consistently laid out before me. They look down upon the rest of the world–both people like myself, as well as those who choose not to have the same beliefs.

Is this really how Jesus–the man who ate and drank with sinners, did multiple things that were forbidden in the eye of the Pharisee, while telling them that loving their neighbor was of the greatest commandment–would treat people?

I had a really bad experience with the church, and I really had bad experiences with those claiming to be the Church. Now, before anyone gives me the spiel, “No one is perfect,” I’d like to address the facts. Many, and I say that with certainty, have the whole message of Jesus twisted with their own ego-driven, pious self-image. And, it’s a sad thing to see.

I have a recommendation: Go reassess yourself. Your “love” is really just a pat on the back of how proud of yourself you are. People need true compassion. People need love. They need sympathy. Empathy. All of the people of the world. The world sure doesn’t need people doing the things that only make them look holy (to themselves and the naive).

4 thoughts on “Christian Love?

  1. You’re up early this morning. It’s never difficult to tell a righteous person from a self righteous. The problem with the self righteous is that they can always prove themselves with bible verses, hence the self righteousness.
    Blessings on you day may Jesus continue to fill your cup overflowing Brother

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