The Clenching

How truly hard it is to genuinely be a kind man.

I work with a mix of personalities, mostly men. Being a full-time worker, I end up spending more time with them than I do my own family. It is sometimes very hard to not focus upon errors that occur. Our jobs are intricate, and they are expected to be conducted in a harmonious manor that results in an execution. When something falls apart, the whole does as well.

By no means am I saying that there is no room for error, for everyone is human and it is inevitable, but there is a very high expectation in our line of work. Customers depend upon our accuracy and competence. What really bothers me, and it has been and ongoing discomfort for many years, is the level of concern others have about our overall goal of being a successful company. Sometimes, people are just plain lazy, and someone else has to cover for them. This is my current gripe and inspiration for this morning’s writing. When these things occur, it is really hard to be Christlike. In fact, at times, I’m anything but. I seriously want to slap people upside their ignorant heads at certain points. They know the job, but they just don’t care enough to focus upon the end result, which is to keep our company reputable.

Before, I had not learned the real facts about the grace of God. Regardless of popular belief, I am not one to read the passage, “take up one’s cross daily,” and expect myself to be perfect like Christ. I have done away with the self-abusing notion of being completely worthless and unbelievably unsuitable in the eyes of a god, for it is ridiculous to think I must live a life of self-punishment until I die. I get one shot at life, so no thanks. If I am of total depravity, then Christ paid the price. If He made everything, then He knows my complicated backstory, and, He knows I try.

I digress. Back to grace.

The grace I have learned–and it has been a necessity–has become a staple for the way I choose to live. I may feel like bashing heads at times, but I always move forward. It is harmful to hold onto things that hinder the peace that we all deserve to have in this beautiful life. So, I start off fresh with each new day, with myself and others. The idiocracy is an inevitable part of our society, and as much as we would rather not admit it, we all have our personal hand in it. The mistakes will come, but so must forgiveness. I stare into the eyes of morons all of the time, and they stare back into mine while they think the same. Grace is key. Remembering that everyone has erred is the main reason I don’t care for religion, for the religious act as if they have never heard of error.

Be kind. It matters. Don’t hold onto things that ruin your peace. Forgive the ones who err, for you do as well. You may not have to be around those who drain the life from you five days a week as I have to, but forgiveness makes a heart and mind less weighted by restraint.

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