Created are the atrocities

Inventions of the mind

Beyond our control

Within check at times

Practices can manage

Chemicals may heed

Chemistry is a riddle

Understanding is the need

Past will perform

Vivid stage play in memory

Present screen play in monochrome

Flushed by what used to be

Instability is the writing on their paper

See how it will go…

Take two, then come back later.

Answer to a question not known

The drugs and festering madness

A hope the physician defined

Temporary reassurance

for such a fragile mind

A world of normalcy

What every schizo longs to have

Science and religion define our good

and the schizo as the bad






One thought on “Polychrome

  1. I once heard a patient in the waiting room of my psychiatrist say, “It’s not good to be sick.” He said it in a tone of deep shame, as if it were his fault, something he brought upon himself. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Thanks for writing this fair treatment of schizophrenia.

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