The Value Of Sunny Days

Checking the weather forecast is certainly something I take for granted.

To see beautiful, sunny days with given percentage chances, on the news or an app, is a marvelous thing! When I see little symbols that show a sun, or a sun with a few clouds surrounding it, my life changes!!

Just being lighthearted.

In all seriousness, I truly do love a sunny day in spring. I do believe they have grown on me within the last few years.

When my wife and I first met, she was in the habit of routine exercise and eating healthily. I was in the habit of living off of caffeine and fast food. To eat something other than a processed food was a rarity. As we grew closer, I began to pick up on her healthy lifestyle. I shed many extra pounds and began to choose my foods wisely (for the most part).

But, these days of sun and warmth have a lot of value. I spend much of my time outside doing the things I love–mountain biking, hiking, things around our home, yard work, and just relaxing. I had liked them before my lifestyle changes of health, but they have a new value. They are actually one of the few things I truly look forward to. Being an introvert, I sometimes–most times–become drained just being around people other than a few friends and my family. So, nature is a true confidante, never causing me to become anxious.

It makes me feel more alive than most people do.

Like the sunny day, and within the sunny day, I find solace. I see the comfort nature is in its essence, as well as the undefined remedy it provides. The light and warmth, the breeze and calm, the green and blue–all part of God and myself. A physical, mental and spiritual cleanse. When moving at a pace that provides much oxygen intake, I feel so blessed. Breathing alone is a thing I truly value in this life. With all of these things I am bombarded with in all of the days I get to experience, I do hope the sun will accompany me.



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