Into The Day, And Night

Writing is a great outlet for my true identity.

It took me a very, very long time to reach this current place of contentment, and I thank the ways of the past for getting me here–the nasty, destructive, dark and disastrous. Without the overcast, I never would have been able to find the glorious light outside of its thievery.

Since writing and displaying my transparencies, I have found out more about the people of our world. Critical, to say the least. It’s amazing how words alone can make others believe they know who someone truly is. For a brief period, I had one guy critiquing everything I chose to write about. Apparently, I wasn’t “Christian” enough for him. My “dark side” was too much for him to stomach, and I was heading in the wrong directions. He freely gave me direction, and I gladly blocked his bashing. For good. That’s the thing–people are people, and they have a ton of baggage, life experiences, and without a doubt, they carry them. I choose to display these things I possess with the intention of others taking what they will from them. If it helps, awesome. If it hurts, I’m not sorry. My life is unique, complex, and it has its dark with opposing light. There is never one without the other. For people to not embrace a true, universal attribute of life–the antithetical–is a stupid way to live, in my opinion. How can one process their individuality without examining both? Although, some just can’t handle the truth, especially when considering one’s self.

I use this platform to vent, unwind, write of joy and of the unease that sometimes rests within my soul. I do it for the readers. I do it for me. I do it with the intention of solving a problem, and hopefully to help others solve their own. If you enjoy riding along with me, that’s great. If not, hop off.

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