Out of all the things there are to focus on, people gladly choose the hell of the world.

A man whom I have worked with for many years is really showing his true self lately. Every single workday I can hear his troubled voice, backed with his boisterous theories, spreading the negative to others. Twenty, thirty, or possibly even more minutes are spent on his cornering and one way communication. If even the slightest acknowledgment is made when his conversation is initiated, the receiver must prepare for a marathon of, “his truths.” World events–how they, without a doubt, are lined up with Scriptural prophecy, such as COVID-19, the current racial riots, the men and women of congress, blah, blah, blah, blah…

It is all seen as truth in his eye, and he is desperately trying to, “wake the world up.”

He told me, while I was cornered for the LAST time, that he couldn’t sleep for most of Thursday night and that he had to pray himself to sleep several times. I so wanted to tell him the it was his own fault. I finally told him that I will not talk about religion or politics at work.

They pay us to work, not stand around and gab.

For such a religious man who trusts in the Lord, he sure has a lot of hoarded fears, as well as a quickened tendency to spread them. He is not willing to hear anyone but himself when it comes to how and why certain topics should or shouldn’t be approached and dealt with. Also, I know he’s wasting his own time and energy worrying about the things he cannot change.

I also know he is desperately trying to change others, and, unfortunately, not in fruitful ways.

Hey, you get what you think about, whether you like it or not.

So, is your personal focus the real problem, or is the inevitable in our messed up world the real problem?

4 thoughts on “Harassments

  1. The old saying “ you are what you eat” refers to more than physical food. Sounds like this guy’s diet is a lot of garbage.
    I trust you’re doing well Brother.
    Continue to feast on Jesus Christ that Life may pour out of you.

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  2. We are doing well and prospering by the grace of God Damon. We are picking up a record number of roofs to do this year. Never would of thought it would be this busy. My family is healthy and happy and so are my friends.

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