While Things Come And Go

Your needs–are they becoming?

Is anything outside of your desire to be right a need, you self-righteous pig?!

The man in the mirror, mirroring the scar.

Those things of yesterday–of hours, no longer relevant–still destroying you and everything/everyone around you.




Scapegoat! Filthy animal!

You should have killed them while you had the chance!

You could be living with the guilt…

Oh wait, you are.

Those hurtful words and ways of yesterdays, killing you.

Killing us all.



The sun rose and fell today,

and you missed its radiance.

The rains fell upon your head yesterday,

and you weren’t cleansed.

You hide inside of your head,

dead to the world.

All opportunity keeps showing up at your door of resistance,

as you stand at your mirror, mirroring the scar,

and becoming.





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