I sometimes wonder what lies beyond our space and time.

A full day of working in the yard–one of my favorite pastimes–drained the life from me. Saturdays are usually a day for unwinding from the labors of the week, but yesterday was a time for landscaping our newly fenced-in backyard. I laid a new concrete patio with new walks to the revamped fire pit area the last few weekends, and I finished up the landscaping yesterday. It’s looking nice and I’m grateful. Spending time with the family is going to be very relaxing in our new space.

With the labors came the hard crash after a shower and dinner. It took me very little time to pass out in the bed; the television still on and the rest of the evening left to the kids. In bed by seven p.m. is not the usual for me, but between the strenuous work and the hot sun, I was tapped out. I woke this morning around two a.m. and started the daily brew. Stepping outside to a cool and still night in the midst of my project, I observed the sky.

An unusually bright star illuminated in the crystal clear sky. Its twinkle was almost unrealistic; animated. I thought of how many little specs we call stars and across the infinite. I pondered how small we truly are. In all of our wisdom and technological advances, our ignorance is trumped by the mystery of this universe. We try to define this time and space with our minuscule minds, and we still have little clue. We believe we know what lies beyond, never really knowing.

It is beyond me: this life of the unknowns. I take pleasure in the little things like the naturals utilized in the arrangements of pleasing landscapes created, and the cool morning. I see little more than the inconsiderable in the vast scheme of all things, somehow finding peace within it.


2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Here’s an idea, something to try. Compare and contrast the book of Job with any science popularizer of your choice: Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, etc. What is the difference in their attitudes? And what, if anything, is the similarity?

    Oh yeah, I was exhausted after volunteering yesterday too. I’m 53 years old and I have crow’s feet around my eyes. Thought I was going to die!

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  2. My dad would always tell me “it’s a good life if you don’t weaken”.
    My strength has always come from letting go, long before I knew who God was, I gave Him everything, like a child trusting in my unseen Father.
    Thinking of it now, it was much like my earthly father, though I only saw him 3-5 times a year, I always had faith in him and knew he had my back when I needed him.
    Funny how life works.
    Blessings to you and yours Damon

    I bet your back yard looks awesome.
    Never feel bad for resting Brother, we all need rest.
    Our lives may seem insignificant, but they’re worthy enough to have a book written in Heaven about them. Insignificant but meaningful.

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