The Calamities In You

I don’t read what most have to say.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning. There is a certain long stretch of road surrounded by the landscape of trees that I especially enjoy in the early morning, as the sun’s rays display nicely there. I have been taking the road for the last few months on my commute to work. It’s a peaceful beginning to the inevitable headaches ahead.

At the peak of one hill along the road is a short plateau. I was observing all of the recent drainage work the county has been completing alongside the road when a sign in someone’s yard caught my eye. It read, “Black Lives Matter.” Of course, it didn’t take long for me to realize what that was all about. The recent death of yet another man, a black man, whose death stemmed from the negligence of the ignorant, stirred the emotions of the world. So, yet again, we have these old familiar words to display on a sign in a yard. I had thought about how sad it is to know that some cops are crooked and full of themselves, and I had also thought about how the media can divide a nation.

I placed my two cents on Facebook yesterday as I sat in my vehicle before going into work. It was about the media and how it is the driving force of division, pertaining to the death of a man, whom just happened to be black. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, for opinions have their consequences. The responses came. The ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ commenced. One man broke it down for me–the whys and hows of the recent, and how a single man’s death began another way for people to hate. The ignorant, fighting the ignorant.

People are so unstable. They listen to the media, pick a side, fight for the side, while never stopping to think about why the “opposing” may be the way that they are. I have to say the media has a LOT to do with that. I know that what people focus upon is what they can easily become. I feel sorry for the man who lost his life, and his family. I also feel sorry for the cops who possess egos that they uphold with a badge. Also, I feel sorry for the ignorant who buy into the words and voices of the media. They miss the real joys of life, and live within the evil of the world. It all trickles down to what the world is and always has been: Divided.

Call me a pacifist–it really makes no difference what others think of me. I just try to avoid the hurt in the world and be more like that dude named Jesus. Not holy, just at peace, while spreading peace. Sometimes I’m not good at it, but I try. It’s what the world needs. I pack a pistol that I will hopefully never need, and I embrace my rights as an American, but you can keep your hate. You can keep the media’s story of division, and you can share your words, brought about by the media’s persuasive manipulation, with other ignorant people.



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