To Know What’s Not Needed

Constantly confessing to others that you are Christian, and that everything you do is of the Christian way, is a sure way to make you look less Christian.

But honestly, what is the Christian way?

One man I know will always manage to slide the fact that he goes to church regularly into any conversation, that he reads his Bible, that he listens to sermons, etc. He boasts about the ways in which he follows the Lord, and the ambient sound of worship music accompanies him as it plays on the phone within his pocket. Another man is a writer on a platform like this one, and he always has perfect photos of himself reading the Bible, himself pointing at the Bible, perfect pictures of light beaming in the right directions making him appear as a godly man, etc. A relative of mine once posted to social media a few pics of herself giving money and dog food to a homeless man with a dog. She was so proud to receive the praise and likes. I can recall many things people have done with the intention of getting others to see that they are “good” people. Although, sometimes I believe they are overcompensating for something they lack, whatever that something may be. Other times, I know they are only doing it for their own selfish desire to look good for themselves.

The outside appearance is not nearly as important as the inner one. Unfortunately, people are usually very concerned with the personal image that others perceive, and if it’s not the physical look they strive to make gold, it is the front they craft. I cannot stand knowing that people will go to great lengths, and in this case, using God as a perfect crutch for something that’s not very “good” at all.

Genuine goodness comes from being honest with others, but, foremost, it comes from being honest with yourself. Being someone who needs others to see that you are good or holy is not what the Lord wants. It quickly reminds me of Matthew 6.

We had a bee in our flowers that had me thinking about how it never has to announce itself. It simply goes about, just being. It never shows the world how important it is, or makes sure the other bees see what it is doing. Sure, the little bee’s brain in not as complex, but it has the right outlook on life. It was a good reminder of how pure we should really be in our intentions.


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