Why Do We Fight?

I often wonder why humans spend so much time defining themselves with their own deep and burning desire to be correct.

Before I go on, I have to acknowledge that everyone has to reach a conclusion, whether it is built upon truth or not. Sometimes, people believe things that are not true at all, but in their minds–somehow–those things are true. For instance, I believe God exists. I’ve never met Him, and I haven’t seen Him. I have faith that God exists because of my own personal conclusion, for I see a divine splendor I cannot put my finger on within the natural world. I can see things in their essence that cannot just be explained away by naively believing that all of this just ended up here, with no explanation. I see a Creator. Life has been given. That’s my belief, anyway.

On the flip side, many do not believe this at all. You can argue with them all you’d like, but they don’t and won’t see it. Is it my Holy Spirit who gives me the truth? I digress. Like the whole God topic, there are those whom will believe nearly anything you can name, and it doesn’t take much for them to bend.

I had a conversation with a family member yesterday that had me thinking deeply about how far I’ve personally come in allowing myself (and others) to just be. Just being: in lieu of correcting over and over, just accepting where they are. Just accepting where I am. I found that the added grief of being so determined to change someone is just not healthy. This conversation we had consisted of facts that I knew, and they weren’t facts that were hard to understand, but the individual already had a set belief built around false information. I tried to explain, but to no avail. I just couldn’t get the individual to listen and learn.

For many years, my frustration towards another’s ignorance would have had me ticking until they understood that they were stupid. This is no longer a fact in my life, thankfully. It’s almost miraculous to see myself being able to just move on. I suppose realizing that everyone is flawed and being at peace with that has opened up this acceptance for me. Sure, I believe we need to state the facts, but the need to fix someone who can rationally think for themselves is ultimately up to them. It hurts to witness ignorance, and it is painful to see someone living in a fool’s paradise. Unfortunately, we’re all guilty. I’ve found that just being kind and letting go of things that aren’t worth holding onto, like the ignorance people possess, makes for a much more peaceful existence.





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