He Who Leads

He walked right out of that place,

and it felt good to finally go.

No more lies from true truth seekers;

no more truths he’d never know.

He knew life would be much different

and that they would never again speak.

Getting to know him for who he was

was something the clergy would never seek.

They only wanted conformity

and for him to sign the contract.

One of an informal agreement

to see their doctrine as matter of fact.

To be what they had crafted

and wear their label of divide.

To be a faithful man

to a group that hid inside.

To hold them in high regard

and to glorify their idols.

To take up man made traditions

and welcome the man made titles.

But, he walked right out of that place

because he knew it wasn’t right.

He stopped ignoring the signs.

No longer would he fight.

The real voice of conscience had spoken:

Church was crippling him.

He had no place within those walls

of division, hate and sin.

He saw God in all his form.

Not stuffed inside a box.

Not held behind stones and mortar.

Not closed within doors with locks.

He saw God in him and with him.

It was never only when they said.

Never as the church would have him believe.

Never what the church would feed his head.

God is everywhere and in everything.

He knew it from the start.

He walked out of the house of lies that day

as he followed God within his heart.

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