There’s really no other word for it.

A woman in front of me is sticking her neck out and complaining to a stranger about her new car having a defect of some sort, as the man behind me is cussing his way through complaining about the line we are all standing in.

We are at the BMV. There are a number of people—over twenty of them—waiting to get in to this place to take care of their business. Some are silent while others won’t stop stressing about the everyday headaches. Unfortunately, the headache at hand is the line formed here as we await the ten customers allowed in at a time (not to mention the young guy behind me who won’t stop dropping the f-bomb as his impatient son asks questions next to the silent mother).

I sometimes take the time to appreciate how my own patience has evolved (like now) throughout the years. I’ve been the guy behind me and the woman in front of me, and I’m trying to be the patient old man directly in front of me. It’s riveting to think about how the words of these people are rubbing off on the others. I’m especially glad I’m no longer one to just unload on someone like this fowl-mouthed dude behind me…

Twenty minutes later and I’m leaving. The title that was sent with a utility trailer I purchased was not filled out correctly. So, ironically, I was cussing under my breath as the lady told me that I’ll have to return to the store I had purchased it from to have the title corrected. I complained and subtly argued with her for a few minutes as I waited for the paperwork needed to take with me to the retailer of the trailer.

Then, I apologized.

I reflected on the very topic I had been writing about before being allowed in, and it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be like those in the line outside; like the person I’m trying to keep as the person I used to be.

I’m trying to focus on what is best for me, for the little bit of stress that occurs from time to time hits me harder than it used to. Both mentally and physically, I have these consequences that are internally absorbed, and externally passed on to others.

Note to self: Remember to think first!

Respond before reacting. That’s what the world needs more of, especially since we all tend to bitch before not bitching.

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