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Are we all on the same page?

It’s obviously a silly question, as no two people are alike.

I have been home today and sleeping soundly. Heading to work this morning, I began to feel like my body was weighted down by a crippling heaviness, and it was not being relieved with ample amounts of coffee. After arriving at my job and pushing through for less than two hours, I left. Arriving back at home, I fell into my bed and slept for about five more hours.

I’m really not one to up and leave my job because of not feeling up to par, but today I’m glad I did. The past few days of working in the summer heat and having to wear a mask the entire time had not helped in my push to perform laborious tasks. Also, I’ve had some weird stomach issues. On top of that, I’ve been battling some personal psychological issues that I won’t discuss. The cocktail of my reality within the last few weeks has given me dark circles under my eyes and a body I can barely hold up.

I often times push myself too hard. I’ve been known to not eat and just keep going, living on water and caffeine alone. Stupid, I know. Although, I know a man who lives on gossip. I know a woman who lives on biscuits. Another man lives on heroin. Then, there is the man who lives on, “God,” but will quickly make sure everyone around him knows that they are a failure in some way–not loving, as his set belief is supposed to render. The man who gossips really doesn’t have many supporters (except for the other gossipers) and the woman who loves her biscuits is in poor health. The heroin addict, well, he needs a miracle.

We’re all pretty messed up in our own way, wouldn’t you agree?

After waking from my much needed nap, I began to think about the question:

‘Are we all on the same page?’

I’ve had a hard time with myself and the whole religion thing I’ve experienced. I see people for who they are: imperfect. No matter what religion they claim, they are all on different pages. My definition of being on the same page in this instance is thinking, being, doing, and believing in the exact same way another does. Christians, or the ones who try so hard to look/be perfect, break up into denominations and divisions because they cannot agree. Gossipers flock together because they love the gossip. Heroin addicts are addicted and are addicted to other addicts. Biscuit eaters will take the poor health because they love their biscuits, and I’ll keep pushing myself too hard. Most likely, I’ll end up the same way in some future day–too weak to physically push through the day and ending up back home to sleep.

So, my original question was just a thought that turned into the realization that all of us are pretty damn messed up. When my co-workers saw me leave and they began to wonder; began to gossip; started praying for me (if anyone did) or said I was only playing hooky, it had me concerned about what they saw in me. But, after a long nap and pondering, I again realized no two people are ever on the same page. It also helped me to realize that I just need to chill sometimes, whether it be on what others do or say, or whether it be on myself. Or, whether it be physically or mentally.

Trying to force people into what we think they should look like is about as unhealthy as a steady flow of biscuits, or a guy who is addicted to pushing himself too hard.

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