Authors Of Confusion

I sometimes wonder if Christians long for a future in Heaven because they are just not comfortable?

Are they not content within the present? Is it that they weren’t comfortable in their past? Are they ashamed of what they once were? These are all questions I have considered as I’ve walked the road of my personal faith.

It’s been a battle for me to completely believe that the words of Jesus meant what all of these different versions of the Bible say they did. With that, add all of the proclaiming individuals who say they are full of the Spirit and rightly interpret His message, and the message becomes confusing.

So many different interpretations, denominations, sects, divisions, beliefs, and indecision. So many cults, prophets, and leaders that have left people with nothing.

I no longer follow one particular individual because of the confusion. In fact, it was because of his arrogance and narcissism that I no longer care to try to figure the whole God thing out. And, that’s been a really good thing. It has revealed the sheer simplicity of Jesus and the gist of His message: Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself. Unfortunately, people like the man I speak of and because of his long-winded speeches, I no longer hear the words of men, pertaining to the Lord. That has also been a very good thing, for I hear the voice of Jesus in His simplicity. It is much easier to see what the Lord wants when there is only one voice speaking.

How many divides are within you? Do you long for a heaven to escape what has been, what is and/or what is to come? I’m beginning to realize that because of other people’s division, the results divide the relationship of Jesus within me, and the simple message He conveyed. I really don’t know who is full of the Spirit. It’s hard to not think that people who try so hard to teach the truth of the Bible are not just full of themselves.

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