So much sadness fills the hearts of people.

No time for the fruits of His Spirit. You know, love, joy, peace, and so on.

The opposing is rather forceful, it seems.

The demons we possess–both past, present, and anticipated future–contaminate the light, pulling us into those places that no longer exist…

Just in our heads.

The heart aligns with those places.

The opposing is familiar. Even though toxic, we run to the avenues we’ve traveled–much less threatening than the unknowns never encountered.

Mindful of the broken heart;

unwilling to break away;

sequestered within the absence of light.

So, we drown, fading into the darkness,

losing sight of the light.

But, we could rest adequately, eat healthily, exercise to balance the physical and emotional.

Bask in the spiritual.

Pushing through the dark to find that shimmer of light,

to see that future junctures

will not die like we have.


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