A few nights ago, I had a terrible nightmare that was all-consuming.

Do you ever have that type of dream that is lucid and so realistic that it seems as though it is actually happening? Where you wake the next morning, questioning the true reality of your existence? Well, this nightmare was one of those.

I suppose it had been the questioning of certain aspects of my faith in God reflecting on the dream in hindsight. My beliefs have been challenged in recent weeks due to the overconscientious habit of trying to figure out the true meaning for all of this: the reason for existing and having the human experience within, “reality.” Needless to say, it is beyond comprehension, although many confess otherwise. People just put their faith into something and go with it, and many take it to extremes. For myself, it’s all for Jesus.

Honestly, I don’t know why it is that way for me, but my faith in Him never goes away.

There has been an ongoing phenomena, if you will, that has repeatedly occurred throughout my life. It is something that occurs more prominently at times than others, and it has no set time or pattern. I have tried to read about it, but it goes against the very thing I say I place my faith in.

At times, I know a coming period of the future. It’s always subtle, and it’s not nailed down by specifics like the future time it will occur or a certain place, but the timeline is always within the same day. Usually, it’s within the hour. It’s knowing what will be seen or heard, but just not being able to pinpoint it. It probably sounds crazy, but it happens to me.

The thing is, my faith in the God of the Bible, according to the Bible, teaches that this is not possible. Only God knows the future, and only those possessed by the Devil are deceived in such ways as I speak of. I do not claim in any way to be a medium or a necromancer, for the Bible clearly states that all of such people are not of God, but I do sit and wonder sometimes how it is possible for people to have such experiences as mine. I do wonder if I am truly possessed or under the influence of demonic entities. Just like anything else within my faith of inevitable question, I do think about the validity and solidity of the Bible. I’m just not the guy to sit and think that maybe there are no flaws within the written book that has been rewritten many times over, and influenced greatly by twisted men. Not to mention, the Roman Catholic church and its influence.

So, my dream.

In the dream, which is now greatly diluted by the unfortunate clutter within consciousness, as well as several more nights of sleeping, I was having these experiences of knowing the future. I remember telling some people about my experiences. I also remember the entity that was present–ripping an item from my wife’s hand and attacking me. An invisible force was pushing me around. I do wish I had more detail to share, but the nightmare can stay within its place. I’m okay with that. I will tell you that it was very real to me, like as real as the day is at the present moment.

So, are my experiences, “of the Devil?” Are my little predictions of God? Am I crazy?

Should I really worry about it?

Throughout the last several days since my dream, I haven’t had any little foresight experiences. But, I do believe they will happen again. They always have. I’m sure not going to worry myself sick wondering if they are of demons or an opposite. If Jesus is the answer (to this life and all within it), then He has taken care of me already.



2 thoughts on “Substance

  1. Wether a vision or a premonition, an uneasy feeling or an urge, i believe God does show us stuff yet to happen. There’s a difference between seeking out things to come and receiving divine revelation.
    God has shown me many things to come in dreams for both instructive purposes and lessons I’m about to learn.
    Sometimes they’re answers to questions.

    The devil also likes to attack us while we sleep.
    I have learned the great power the name of Jesus has while in dream state. If the enemy has gotten you in the state of paralysis, just thinking the name of Jesus will send them packing.
    Jesus will teach us to distinguish between Heavenly dreams and the counterfeit, they don’t come often but when they do, it’s pretty awesome. I can assure you, they go against everything that’s natural to us.

    You’re not crazy, and your faith is counted unto righteousness Bother. There is a battle raging for our very being, they manifest in the physical as well as the spiritual. I hate to sound cliché, but in all reality, who can be against us when Jesus Christ is for us?
    Stay close to Him, He’s faithful even when we’re not.

    God IS Love

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  2. In the Gospel of John, Jesus described to the apostles the many ministries of the Holy Spirit. One of those is, He will show us things to come. (John 16:13) It’s not demonic. Purpose? Maybe to intercede for someone else, for our own selves or family, perhaps to pray with authority against an attack of the enemy.

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