Where Ends Meet

After a long work week, I spent some time cycling along the roads of the city. There are lots of neighborhoods, rural roads, wooded areas with dirt trails, and the streets I used to frequent when I did live in my hometown. I choose to ride in these areas because it is good for my thoughts as I take in all of the oxygen. Cardio gets me fired up and feeling awesome, and the nostalgia while riding along makes for a number of good memories. Two hours can bring a lot of good things from it while riding, like lots of sweat and decluttering of the mind.

After returning my bike to the rack on my vehicle and resting for a few minutes, I headed out to find hydration.

Driving through the city was noticeably different Friday evening. Just a few months ago, Friday nights were the time for people to gather at the restaurants and bars around the side of the city I ride in. Businesses, a huge shopping mall and lots of specialty stores were always lit up with people. But, not this past Friday. Things were not as busy. There was less traffic and less activity in the stores.

I noticed a few business that were apparently closed. In front of one of them was a Corvette for sale. Another place had two vehicles for sale. A Spa business had a kiosk that read, “Huge Sale”. It began to hit me again: things, due to COVID-19, are changing. It’s changing the way the world functions. It is changing us.

Yesterday was a lesson to be learned. While I still had the thoughts of what was noticed the night before, they were on the back burner. I was still determined to gain a little more. See, I purchased a new vehicle and the payments have sort of set me back. So to make up for the added expense, I have a few ways of attempting to earn a few extra dollars. Fortunately, the business I work for, as well as my wife’s, keeps us afloat. But, the extra money spent on a vehicle payment has cut into my lifestyle choices.

I was determined to pick up some materials and sell them for a profit yesterday morning. As I arrived to the destination, I found that someone had beat me to it, literally, by only a minute or two.

After seriously being upset for a minute, having traveled twenty-plus miles to the destination, I became humbled by the experience.

I passed a home on my way to another stop I needed to make while in the city, and I noticed that someone had a driveway full of vehicles for sale. It then began to make me realize how fortunate we really are, and how spoiled we can all become. My wife and I are still working, we still have income, and we still have no major repercussions due to this nasty virus.

Throughout the weekend, and after speaking to a man yesterday about moving forward, staying sober, taking life a day at a time and never taking anything for granted, I decided to stop putting so much emphasis on gaining. Yea, I have an extra expense, but thousands are struggling just to find money to pay for the basics. Many have lost their jobs, have lost their business, and are probably losing it mentally in many cases.

Pulling the trailer attached to my vehicle yesterday that I was going to use to haul the materials, I decided to go haul away some junk for my mother. Instead of gaining, I gave her a hand. It was a lot better than the greedy feelings I realized I had after the experience of the weekend.


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