I am sitting this morning and noticing the aches within my body.

It’s early, and the day ahead will bring much more of the reason for my physical soreness. Being a laborer five days a week, as well as usually wearing myself out at least one of the days of the weekend, has a way of physically breaking me down. This morning, the majority of my muscles are on fire. I pulled something in my neck a few days ago, and the swollen hands are back.

Meditating before beginning to write this, I noticed that even though my body is unsound, my mind is strong.

I’m appreciative of the shift that has taken place within recent days. I had gotten away from meditation, prayer, acceptance of the things I cannot change, and the peace I can have while being trapped inside of a physical shell. I had forgotten that I am not just this aching flesh and bone. My consciousness is strong, and for that, I am thankful.

My physical world demands that I go out and give something. In return, I always get something back. My physical body gives, and even though I feel it (even more so the older I get), I do not mind it. I press on. I rest at night, a little on the weekend, and the process begins again. Through the physical labor and the good that it brings, I see how it keeps the mind sound.

This morning, I am grateful for the physical aches. I am also aware of how the balance of the two (body and mind) cooperates with my spiritual…

I’ll take a balanced day, anytime.


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