We’re All Going To Die!

The real killer is not COVID-19, it is fear.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, fear is the driving force the world thrives upon.

I cannot go anywhere or read anything without recognizing it. Usually, the fear turns into some other form of emotion, such as hate. I read a post from a woman last night on Facebook that had me boiling. She, like many, are taking things to extremes by twisting part truths into lengthy posts of falsities that only fuel this fear that I am speaking of. The readers have left comments that show just how ignorant people have become over a virus, world events, political dogma and the embellished importance of world leaders. People clearly have no life outside of what the media feeds their poor minds.

Also, I cannot believe how many are rushing to voice their, “facts” that pertain to the end times being right here and now. It took me less than five minutes to shoot that one down. But, people are determined to hold that one up with an ironclad fist. Again, people are consumed with the fear emotion because of what is being fed into their vulnerable minds.

I fear things like stepping into traffic and being hit by a vehicle. That would hurt! Sadly, people fear things that are only happening in their heads. They feed themselves fear that is provided by the media. These manipulated people, fueled by ignorance and false information, add fuel to the raging fire by spreading it throughout the world–easily and quickly–with the instant gratification devices we have today. The fire spreads. It burns the joy right out of people. It pollutes the world with nothing but negativity and nonsense.

What do you feed yourself? If you are one to look at a post full of falsities and believe them without question, then fear probably has a lot of say in your life. Do you enjoy that? I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but no one makes it out of here alive. I seriously feel bad for those who are dying before their time because of the fear that resides within them…

chosen fear.

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