Better Days Ahead

What a sad and cheerless world

I’m getting closer to being done with WordPress. My decision may change in time, but due to most of the posts lacking any sort of inspiration, I’m thinking about hanging it up.

The walk along the road lead me to a choice to blog. With Jesus in mind, I began writing about how His provision was/is a part of me during the travel. Well, the road had many pit stops that were inspiring, uplifting and fruitful. But, some stops were also convoluted.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control. These fruits of the Spirit from the Bible are written on parchment and hanging in a frame on our wall. Often, I think about these words as I read through the posts here at WordPress. Honestly, I just don’t understand most of the posts that people bring to the table. The “Christian” posts are usually anything but these harmonious fruits. In fact, they usually leave me with emotions I could do without. If Christians are so hopeful; so full of these fruits of His Spirit, then why are these people so sad?

Perhaps the people of the Christian world aren’t as happy as they try to convince themselves and the public of, after all? The posts sure are revealing.

I think it is best for me to just go away for a bit. That may change soon, who knows? Honestly, these defiling posts, which I assume are supposed to be encouraging when it comes to the writer’s intent, really are spoiling the fruit. People (and I mean the Christian community) aren’t honest. People are so hung up on doom and gloom when they are supposed to be joyous. People want to say they are prophets, speakers of truth, teachers of the Bible, and that the END IS NEAR. Okay. Enjoy your unhappiness. Take pleasure in your delusions and uncertainties. If you want to destroy the peace of the world by spreading this nonsense, go ahead. I feel bad for you and those whom allow you to smash their fruit into mush.

See ya, Press.




4 thoughts on “Better Days Ahead

  1. Take care, Damon. I will miss you like a kindred spirit. I intend to keep blogging to the bitter end, lol! I’ve got nothing to lose.

    Throw on some Rush music for me and kick back with a lemonade! 2112 Overture would be my choice. Something really in your face.

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