Obscured Observance

People need content. They need something to think about.

Less than a week ago I had decided to stop blogging for an unknown period of time. The things that I was allowing into my life, via posts I had been reading, were causing me to get very irritated. During my temporary hiatus, I have noticed that more people are actually following my blog. Well, they need something to read, so I’m going to keep writing.

What I won’t be doing anymore is reading those posts that caused me to become frustrated. I brought the unwanted uneasiness upon myself. Duh!

That’s what we do. We flood our minds with things. Unfortunately, many times those things are the wrong things.

I suppose my journey with Jesus is unique, as is everyone’s. Being the critical thinker that I am–always demanding the truth–I analyze the shit out of everything. And, unfortunately, everyone. There are two key problems that I notice within myself while facing this personal dilemma. One, I cannot figure the Jesus thing out (His Word: the Bible). There are too many missing pieces and nothing is for certain, I have found. There are too many dichotomies and contradictions. The only thing that I can gather is that all of existence came from a source and this Jesus dude came to help us understand it. The puzzle is incomplete, and not knowing the rest (while being sick of seeing others claim they know for certain these missing pieces of the puzzle) makes me uncomfortable. Which brings me to the second part of my dilemma. People, namely most Christians, are so full of themselves because they claim to have the definitive answers to the puzzle. It hurts me to see people living in la la land.

Enough about all of that.

We are free to focus upon whatever we want in this life. So, I suppose I’ll keep walking down the road to see what I encounter, straying away from the weirdos. I’ll try to bring the readers something to think about that doesn’t stem from my focus upon the wrong things.

I’ll try, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Obscured Observance

  1. I always go back to what some stranger wrote me as I was challenging a religious leader on a religious Facebook page.
    I’ll know how, but this man addressed me by my real name and wrote, “Fools faces show up in fool’s places” and that’s how my journey into who Jesus Christ IS began.
    I try my best stay out of fool’s places as all they do is grind my gears.
    Have a great weekend Brother.


  2. People seem to have all of the answers, even though many times they aren’t the right answers. Prideful, we all are. Unfortunately, the so-called holy ones take the pride to another level. Enjoy.


  3. In all honesty Damon, there’s only yours and another blog that doesn’t grind my gears.
    Blessed are the peacemakers, but where are they? There’s no shortage of those who think they are peacemakers, but one post is all it takes to expose who they truly are.
    I got friends on both sides of every disgruntled coin out there, I’ve got my own beliefs, but what I do notice is that there are some legitimate concerns on all sides.
    I don’t think Jesus is coming back just yet so I’m gonna step back and let the extreme opposite sides fight it out.
    I can assure you the only winner will be death and destruction.
    I hope you keep writing, I see what you see out there and I feel what you feel on the subjects you write about.

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  4. Rock on with your bad self!!
    I understand your questions and the times where things seem to (or do) contradict in the Bible. My only solace is “viewpoint”. When we were teenagers my brothers and I used to sit by the road and identify all of the vehicles driving by…as boys did then. My brothers and I would talk about the vehicles,drivers,whatever. My one brother would see the dog in the backseat, another would see a dent or damage to a bumper where I would see the color or a missing ornament…but one brother would always see more. It was a blue ’65 mustang fastback…but George had seen the license plate was on upside down and one hubcap missing from the left rear wheel and a bouquet of flowers,reds and greens was tossed in the back window. This is how I view the Bible. It is not a stamp of everything and most often too many people live “solo scriptura” where it isn’t meant to be at all. It is suggestive text on a better life or a better road to a better life. I love that you love Jesus and that dude deserves it!
    God Bless you in your life!

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