The Rushed Descent

I watched the beautiful sun setting yesterday evening, and something occurred to me.

It’s been a rough season for me personally. Outside of the pandemic and all of its trace consequences, I’ve had quite a bit of distress of my own. This virus crap is minimal within my worries. I believe death is not only inevitable but it is also something that we cannot focus upon day in and out while expecting to somehow escape it.

I’ve been bombarded by death for the last few years. Dad died, my awesome pooch kicked the bucket, and the inner man that I call my own has been slowly dying as well. As I looked out into the beautiful landscape and watched the sun descending yesterday evening, a truth weighed upon my mind:

We make a real mess of all that is under the sun.

Just within the photo, the leaves on a few of the trees are beginning to die. It was a bit cooler yesterday, and I took advantage of a bike ride before stopping to admire the beauty of the natural world. The beauty consists of something that is true for all of its components, and that truth is, “an inescapable ending.”

I really cannot understand the logic of many these days. I observe the thoughts and opinions of people on social media, hear the words that pour from the mouths of the people I encounter, look into the faces of the fearful, and I soon desire to be staring out into a place much like the one I took a picture of last night. Away from others. It is unfortunate to have only a few people within my life that I truly love to be around, but the majority only suck me dry of life and nourishment. People want to die before it is time to go. And, that’s not I habit I want to carry on. Unfortunately, I have chosen to be oppressed by others.

Each day–each moment–is an opportunity to live. Why kill ourselves with thoughts that only rob us of the life in the present? Even when things are good in this present moment, many people are trying to convince themselves and others to die before it is time.

Nature will say when it is time to go, so why rush it?

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