I stood in the backyard this morning and admired it all.

The weather was cool, and the sun hadn’t yet breached the eastern face of the treeline. I took my advantage. The breeze had a few things to say. I peeked through azure, and the moon was saying its last goodbye. The Cockscomb were visited by a flying fleet. The Pine was silently at play.

When I closed my eyes, the sound of the breeze took charge. It took away the noise that is so ingrained within this busy mind. For an unmeasured and purposely ignored amount of time, I had nothing but the natural whisper to accompany me.

The spaces between–the no-thing–was acknowledged. Between the thought before the next, and with eyes closed, I found peace. I found God. I sensed the purity. I realized that life is an ongoing ‘no-thing’ that we only pollute with what we create…

It’s too bad I will soon forget this.

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