I was taking a stroll through the world’s landfill last night.

A giant hill on the north side of the neighboring city is where all of our garbage is taken. Trash is dumped there, and maintenance workers cover it with dirt. The mountain has been building for many years, and it almost mimics a scene one may find in the Appalachians. I remember visiting the landfill many years ago as my dad had been hauling off old materials from one of his contracting jobs. I remember the hill being much lower than the massive height it has reached today.

This picture, c/o reddit.com/u/cassius0427,

had me thinking about all of the trash that has accumulated in order to build that giant mountain in my hometown. It also had me thinking about all of the trash that we dump into the mind. As I took my usual stroll through the landfill (Facebook) last night, I was not surprised to find a lot of unnecessary waste. Mr. Ramirez, the cartoonist, must see it too!

I made the mistake of visiting a blogger’s site that I no longer follow yesterday, just to see if he is still blasting other Christians for their personal choices…

Yes, he is.

I was once like him–always desperately trying to convince myself and others to think and believe a certain way. Always using my personal view and knowledge of the version of the Bible I liked the most to, “save” people. I feel bad for the old man, because just like the character in the illustration above, he spends a great deal of time picking the world apart– dissecting the things he finds that appear across his monitor. Religiously, he studies the world’s people through social media sites.

I shouldn’t have revisited his site, but curiosity killed the cat! Alas, I died a little after reading one of his current posts.

Do you ever wonder what the information–whether true or false; accurate or twisted by one’s personal spin–is doing to you? Do you ever wonder what it would be like if your dumpsite was not as mountainous as it is today? What do you bury within your land? Do you ever recognize yourself as being like the man in the illustration above?

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