It All

Wouldn’t it be nice

to remove it all?

To take all of the pure filth we are exposed to each day

and throw it away?

To recognize the dumb stuff we do to fit in to a society of competition and comparison–

now so, more than ever, with all of the social media and misinformation–

and see that we are really only competing with ourselves?

.…trained to not think….

To understand why our brains are truly fried like the foods we stuff into the holes in our faces?

To send that mouthy kid off and let a Marine show them a different world? Wouldn’t that be nice?

To know why she drinks?

To understand why he stinks?

To see the front within our own mirror on the wall?

Prideful you………

To live alone, lonely and longing for love, yet satisfied

because we are away from all of it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know why we believe our way is the only real way?

To see, with crystal clear vision, the truth, instead of assuming or having faith?

Wouldn’t it be nice:

All of it?

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