Rooted In Being

What good staying away has done!

There are many things that I have been straying from, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with where it has led me. For starters, I was spending way too much time within the devices we are all hooked on, like some sort of back alley junkie. Always needing my fix of the mostly phony facade. Looking through the screen at single-dimensions, and assuming. I found a lot of grief while doing so. There is so much misinformation along what was once the information highway.

Another stressor that has been out of my mind is the whole God thing. What began as a great and newfound love that I wholeheartedly embraced—with every ounce of my being trusting in what I had found to be the indisputable truth—is now a question that has no definitive answers. Jesus? For me, yes. Although, I don’t understand the majority of the Bible or the religious delusion. The ambiguity of the Christian faith ruined it for me. So much division and confusion in a supposed singular truth.

What has been working for me is just being. That means listening to my halfway-at-peace conscience, living a day at a time, always stopping to smell the roses of life, and actually caring about myself while practicing that same care with/for others. Chipping away at a hardened heart. Accepting that life is always teetering on a crumbling fulcrum.

That’s what matters right now, and I’m pleased.

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