Shame On You!

Why are people prone to believing that their way is the way?

That’s the question I have been asking myself this evening. It is a question I often ponder. And, for starters, I am talking exclusively about the way of personal belief in and of Christian apologetics.

I am really disgusted, like many other times in the past, with the views of a few individuals in the so-called body of Christ. The current world events has perpetuated a pandemic of its own, resulting in many (passionately, with great emphasis) making a strategic effort to get others on board with their ideology.

One question: How do they know??

Did God–an undefined deity; an unknown force; a question within itself–shoot a million different answers to a million different people?

Which one should I believe? Should I just choose one?

‘Yes, that guy has the right answer. This guy is definitely led by Holy Spirit!’

What’s wrong with people?

What in the hell are we thinking? Are we truly thinking?

The Creator knows what is really going on, and according to Jesus, we are to love that Creator, others and ourselves…

Not tear each other apart with confusion and our personal, prideful need to be CORRECT!

2 thoughts on “Shame On You!

  1. It’s because they have no shame. You can’t shame someone who has no shame.
    On a side note, I just read one of your blog entries from 2018 about faith. It was really good, “I am powerless without faith” I think was the title.
    It takes a certain understanding of Gods’ grace in order to extend that grace to others. It also takes a clear realization in the sovereignty of God to not become a pious, religious, jr. providence ass hole in the name of God.
    God IS God and we’re not. As mere human beings, we can look at the life of Jesus Christ Himself to see how God would act if He was human, for that IS who Jesus Christ IS.
    Or, we can quote Paul to justify our own delusions.

    Hope you’re doing well Damon. I’m still here with you online and in spirit.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

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