Mud Pie

For me, being patient is developing by observing others whom are not.

My word, the mudslinging is definitely going on within the world! Even if you are completely oblivious to the political debates here within the states, you don’t have to travel far to see how common deliberate condemnation is.

Unfortunately, it’s built into our human nature.

Struggling with demons of the past was the catalyst for my self-justified reason for being, well, frankly, a dick. I had to learn that fact. I had to really sit down and think about my life — from start to that very moment of assessment — and analyze the facts. I had to dig deep within my true self and speak with the professionals when needed. I had to see my life for what it was: a real mess! The situations that kept popping up within my life were not leading to much good — for myself and for those around me. I’d spend a lot of time attacking others because of my own, unbeknown, inner frustrations.

We as humans have this built in tendency to puff out our chests and be recognized (call it pride, ego, or what the Bible calls the fallen nature), and degrees of the disease vary within us all. Experiences, such as my own for example, teach us how to manage that nature. I’m finding within my growing years that people, no matter what their age, grow in different ways and times. Sometimes, they never learn valuable lessons. They fail to see the wood for the trees. I don’t understand why the ego is placed on such a high pedestal for some, but I can only suspect it is because of something they lacked or were deprived of within earlier times of their life.

I’m learning a few important keys to better understanding this difficult truth of the inner discontent that leads to my impatient character. Foremost, it’s the pride I have to step toe to toe with; that necessity. I have to constantly take note of that which has / does / could potentially give pride the upper hand. Secondly, instead of blaming others for my unease, I make a conscious effort to ward off what they have done, and focus on what I must do to remain at ease. Doing so, it is easier to be patient with all of the emotional turmoil involved while evolving (while observing myself and the other party).

If we can learn to be patient, we can learn to be better beings. All of the mud we create comes directly from the natural tendency to be more because of something in the past that deemed us, in our own perspective, to be less. Working on that realization is where I am. I don’t have to prove it to anyone but myself, and I make my best efforts to not let ego (God willing) have me forget.

Will you see it in others, thus recognizing what needs to change within you?

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