Guess I’m Not, ‘Cause Someone Said So

I have a stalker!

What an ignorant man I must be! The guy on the other end (the stalker) must think that I have no way of knowing when he has viewed my posts. Newsflash: I see you!

It’s unbelievable how wrapped up we can become in others. Having means to do so has increased tenfold via means of the wonderful world of technological advances. Peeking through windows is for amateurs!

Since I am a believer of God, I have had a recurring run in with a man named Bruce…

Hi, Bruce!!

He spends a lot of time studying me. He spends a lot of time studying many!

Well, here I am. I feel kind of honored (sarcasm) being your focal point, Mr. Cooper!

Seriously though, why are people so consumed with things that others are doing?

It’s heavy on my mind this evening. I took a look at my Facebook feed and realized that competition has become a staple. It’s as prominent as coffee is for me. Are we being conditioned to compete with others instead of sharpening that which needs to be sharpened within ourselves? Are we looking at the outward appearance of others, assessing them based on our own experience, and coming to a distorted conclusion? Are we all made to feel inferior to the next? I would, without a doubt, say yes.

There is way too much information to be processed. Unfortunately, much of it is indirect, manipulated in a number of ways, falsified, and assumed. Impersonal means of communication are destroying our relationships. “Christian” views are taken to extremes and lean in directions that depend on an individual’s personal brokenness and experience. What a mess!

Sit down with others instead of assuming. Get to know why they think the way they do. Words aren’t the same when reading them. We have to see their expressions, their eyes, their souls and their, hopefully, transparency. The cyber world we live in is destroying us in many ways. It is also distorting our view of reality. Our values are being disguised under a canopy of misinformation. If we’d just get to know each other first, instead of looking at each other through little windows of deception, we may eventually know what is true.

The good news is, I know who I am, beyond the talk and false perceptions.

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