Bad News And Blunder

The past few days have been comical.

Although some of the content of my recent days has not been anything to laugh at, the unbelievable works of people involved in that content has me shaking my head.

I have (very lightly) been following the political banter and I am amazed of just how ridiculous a fly on someone’s head has become. The, not even funny incident, has taken over the states. While people are wondering what they are going to do after the hurricane ravished their southern coast, people elsewhere are worried about the he said/ she said between politicians. I cannot wrap my head around the thoughts of some. Also, the blogging community has become another outlet to unload ammunition. I had yet another go-around with a man who loves to spread his judgment. Clearly, he’s a man with his own problems who uses the name of Jesus to justify his bitterness. Wow. That’s all I can say. I had a COVID-19 scare within my family, which turned out to only be a scare, and while communicating it to certain individuals, it seems that many are now experts on the what-to-dos pertaining to the virus!?

Do people really have all of these things to look at within the world — the ten million things to choose from — and gladly pick the things that keep them in a funk? The things that do no good after consuming them, later spitting out their processed food for thought — the regurgitated vomit — for someone else to lap up? Are people so bored with themselves and their own life that they deliberately choose to feed on the stink within the world?

I noticed something in the news feed that pops up when I log in to my search engine: The majority of all news is bad news! After reading garbage, you will probably take part in distributing garbage. You are what you eat.

Of the ten million things to focus on within the world, just how much of it really is worth your time? How much of it is really contributing to your well-being and peace? What do you do with what you consume?

As I smile this morning and shut off the bad news, I’m setting out to bring myself some good. Life is too precious and too short to play the games that rob one of peace. It’s hard enough fighting our own battles, so why take on outside battles that aren’t relevant?

4 thoughts on “Bad News And Blunder

  1. “It’s hard enough fighting our own battles, so why take on outside battles that aren’t relevant?”
    A true statement and a million dollar question all wrapped into one.

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